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iStarUSA eSATA Port Multiplier
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iStarUSA eSATA Port Multiplier 1:5 Device Adapter

SKU #: 221590   

Model #: zAGE-D-5SAES-PM   
Product #: RMAC035

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eSATA Port Multiplier Bridgeboard is designed to provide a high-performance link between a single eSATA host port and 5 SATA device ports, which supports host and device link rates of 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps with auto-negotiation, giving end users the flexibility to choose 1.5 Gbps or 3 Gbps SATA hard drives.

Model Number zAGE-D-5SAES-PM
RoHS Compliance Version Yes
Chipset Sil 3726
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