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iStarUSA Dual Mini SAS x4 Devi
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iStarUSA Dual Mini SAS x4 Device Adapter

SKU #: 221591   

Model #: zAGE-D-8788-DU   
Product #: RMAC036

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zAGE-D-8788-DU brings two sets of your four internal mini SAS 36-pin port of internal SAS/SATA HBA or motherboard/serverboard to two extwenal Mini SAS 26-pin conectors. Dual Mini SAS Adapter works with all internal SAS interface and external Multilane SAS or SATA interface, converting one internal mini SAS 36pin connector for four SAS/SATA internal channels with 3.0Gb/s of data transfer rate of one physical cable combining two sets of 4-channel SAS/SATA signals into two external mini SAS 26pin conneectors for hi-speed application. PCI bracket available for HOST application or rear panel (for enclosure) available for DEVICE application.

Model Number zAGE-D-8788-DU
RoHS Compliance Version Yes
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