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Oplink Wireless 110 dB Siren w
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Oplink Wireless 110 dB Siren with Graduating Volume

SKU #: 253594   

Model #: 58010007MIG_YS1G   
Product #: SHPB436

Our Price: $89.76

The Oplink Security Emergency Siren is an accessory add-on unit for use with an Oplink AlarmShield or TripleShield system. The Emergency Siren is the piercing voice of the security system as it lets intruders know they've been caught and alerts anyone in the nearby area that something has happened to trigger the siren. The siren emits a blaring 110 dB alarm when activated to sound by the Oplink Processing Unit (OPU) as a result of a triggered sensor.

Wireless operation up to 50 ft. away from OPU
Works with ALL Oplink systems
Loud siren (110dB) with graduating volume
Designed for indoor use
Built-in battery backup
Low-battery notification
Self-configuring and easy installation
Includes 2 mounting screws, 2 screw anchors, battery backup and quick install guide

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